Pop Up Workshop: Blogging 101 & SEO

July 11, 2019

I ran a little poll yesterday over on Instagram Stories (and hey if you’re not following me over there yet, what ya waiting for?) and I wanted to see if people are still blogging or even struggling to blog. And the response was pretty overwhelming and unanimous. People want to blog.  They just feel UGH when they think about it.

I’ve always been an avid blogger since the start. And that would be 2007, long before social media took small businesses by storm and even long before we had all of these amazing platforms that make blogging easier than ever. Yes, easier. As creatives we have a voice and we want to share that voice in the forms of words and images.  We want to share our heart and we want to share our work. This is what makes blogging a perfect medium to do exactly that.

And the current stats on the benefits of blogging for small business is pretty powerful, and in one word … traffic. Say the word traffic to any small business owner and their ears perk up.  Whether you have a brick & mortar store, sell your goods online, create content or are service based (like me) your traffic should be one of the top three things you know the most about in your business. How much traffic you get, where it’s coming from and how to get more.  Plain and simple.  And blogging does exactly that.  It drives traffic to your website, to your promotions, and brings clients and people you want to work with.

Want to know more?

The next Pop Up Workshop was announced yesterday over on Instagram Stories and is almost full already!  You guessed it. The topic for this one will be Blogging 101 & SEO. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to start a blog, or you have a blog that’s collecting dust or you’re an avid blogger and want to learn how to maximize the value of this awesome tool then this next Pop Up Workshop is for you.

It’s totally free. Yes, free. Come join me at my Ann Arbor office & studio and take home some of my best tips and tricks to successful blogging.

If you’re interested in joining, follow this link & sign up!

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