Busy Girl’s Guide: Real tips to choosing your wedding colors.

March 5, 2019

Hello, have we met yet?  If not, I’m Mishelle and this my own creative space where I get to share what I do and what I love.  It’s a place where my life and my work collide, and more importantly where I get to reach brides and grooms like you who are busy planning their big day.  Which, trust me I understand first hand is not for the faint of heart. I consider myself a fairly new newly wed having gotten married on fourth of July, 2017.  I think that still makes me a newlywed, doesn’t it? You can see my wedding shot by my dear friend Hannah here!

Either way, I understand just how much goes into planning a wedding no matter how big or how small it is. And I’ve actually done both! My first wedding to my late husband was very typical in size, we had about 150 guests and all the makings of everything you saw in 1999 weddings.  Basically, I was covered head to toe in tulle and had a cake the size of the Eiffel Tower.  Oh, how I wish I were kidding.  But nonetheless, it was an awesome experience planning it all and back in those days … wait for it … we barely had internet.  Yep.  So no Pinterest, Instagram, not even a wedding website.  Gasp.  I know, right?  I had to actually buy magazines and clip out dresses I liked, cakes and shoes and tape them to my little paper wedding planner (which I still have, of course).

Fast forward to my second wedding.  And yes, I consider myself a lucky girl to have found two great loves in one lifetime.  But this time around, it was a completely different experience.  And when I say different … I mean it in every way shape and form.  Even as a wedding photographer, I knew not to try to do it all myself.  One of the smartest things I did this time around was enlist help of the pros. It was amazing, and is hands down the most sage piece of advice I have for every couple I meet with to this very day. Hire a pro, people.

Even though I was still a very hands on bride (or as some call it, control freak) I needed to have a point of inspiration.  I needed a starting place and a home for my vision and the feel I was going for. And for me it was color. Color was my jumping off point. I already knew that having a 4th of July wedding meant in some how and some way incorporating red white and blue.  Which sounds so cringy.  Go on, I dare you to search 4th of July wedding in Pinterest. I did that once, and I quickly realized the vision I was not going for. But I still wanted the rich reds of a summer wedding and the blues that I often see in the weddings I shoot and am always drawn to. Once I had made a final decision on the general pallet of our wedding day, I took that to my designers & florist at Jen House Design and they literally ran with it. And every idea they threw at me stuck.  By the time I sat down with them in their studio, they had already pulled flowers and gave my whole wedding day direction.  It was amazing.  Here’s a bit of advice, and you’ll find more within the guide.

“Build your bouquet with a professional floral designer by narrowing your personal design preferences.  

Choose colors, texture and florals that suit your wedding style while also complimenting your dress.”

Jen House 

So that brings me to the point of this post. One of the best parts about what I do as a wedding photographer is offer help to couples planning their own weddings. I’ve created a guide with my favorite tips on helping you choose your own wedding colors  and it’s free to anyone who needs help or is looking for little inspiration! Yes, totally free. This guide includes some of my best tips for choosing your own colors for your wedding day and some of my own secrets when I started to choose mine.  Hope this helps and happy planning!


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