Aubrey for Helen Wells Agency

May 31, 2019

The month of May and this season of Spring has been such a wild ride.  There’s just no there way to put it. Wild as in all the good things. Wild as in connections, creativity, learning, growing, gratitude.  See?  All the things. Wild.

I met Aubrey last year when she was a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding that I shot.  Ben & Jeff’s wedding was a small, intimate gathering on the shores of Lake Michigan and it was a day that I’ll not soon forget.  After arriving at the house to start shooting, I was met with this fireball of energy and I was instantly drawn to her.  I think I I even said, ” We just met, but who are you?!  Where did you come from?  This might sound crazy but I love your energy.” And just like that we went about our duties of the wedding day, her as doting sister showering her family with tears, dramatic entrances and laughter and me as a bystander there to document all the moments.

We started following eachother on social media and come to find out, our families both vacationed in Islamorada, Florida at the same time and  … let me cut to the chase here – I basically feel like a long lost child that they should adopt someday.  Can I just say that? But in all seriousness, we connected and share many of the same views and take life head on in the same wild way and I knew that her and her family was put in my path in the most intentional way.

Aubrey reached out to me this spring and wanted to update her portfolio for Helen Wells Agency, and wanted a few lifestyle shots to broaden her horizons.  So we planned a full day of shooting at Quonset Haus in Downtown Detroit, and ended up with a handful of images that showcases not just her beauty but also her as she is. We spread our creative wings together, I shot a few rolls of film and she channeled one of her favorite artists, Pink.

Here’s a look at Aubrey’s shoot in Downtown Detroit.

 Fuji 400H / Scans by Find Lab 

/ Digital Images captured on Fuji Xh1 / 

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