Clarity Call

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We'll spend 20 minutes via Skype/Zoom gaining clarity on where you'd like to be. By the end of the call, I'll leave you with a few actionable steps in your life or in your business that you can put into practice that very day.  Take a deep and breath do this.  Then give yourself a high five.  Even this tiny step is a step in the right direction. 



One on One Mentoship

I'm ready to meet you wherever you're at in your business. This is a full 1:1 Mentoring experience with Mishelle where you'll work & dream together in every facet of your growing & thriving business.  This session is ongoing & includes:

A 1 hour Strategizing/Launch Video call with Mishelle
Quarterly in person workdays for one year
OngoingE-mail/Voice/Video Support as needed
A Full Market Analysis, SEO Optimization & Portfolio Review
New & fresh branded headshots
A 50% discount off all E-Courses & Shop Resources
Access to Member Exclusive Facebook Community & Page

*A one time payment of $1497 or 6 monthly auto payments of $250. Get started today.




"I still hear Mishelle's voice in my head with some of the important decisions I make in my business."

- Erin Schmidt

"When I signed up for Mishelle's Mentorship, I was at a huge crossroads in my career though I didn't realize it at the time. I had the hustle part down, but I didn't really know how to channel my business energy and I especially didn't realize my own potential. I am so thankful I chose her and this mentorship when I did. 

- Halle Horvath

"Mishelle has been my photographer icon for many years, and now being able to work with her  as my mentor is a dream come true. Mishelle made me feel so comfortable & calm. She has completely shifted my business in the right direction. She has given me endless resources and encouragement.  Her positivity & knowledge in this field is beyond belief. "

"This mentorship was the best decision
I've made for my business."

"Mishelle gave me the confidence that skyrocketed my business." 

-Michele Maloney

"From a young age, I have documented every family & life moment that I could. After studying all the technical stuff, I started to be able to put my heart into shooting. However, mentoring with Mishelle gave me so much confidence to bring it all together. The love for documenting life and the confidence to continually pursue my craft and business. "

"She was an intricate piece in getting me to be able to do photography full time. If you’ve hesitated on working with her ... don’t.

-Hannah Metler

"There are no words to describe the impact Mishelle’s mentorship has had on my business but she changed the course of my life. I knew I wanted to mentor with Mishelle two years before I actually inquired, I followed her work for years and she was someone I aspired to be like. Mishelle took me under her wing and helped me grow my business and so much more. Her guidance and wisdom on so many things is something I greatly value everyday.  

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