A powerful podcast connecting others in love, life & business. 
I'm your host & I take you through difficult topics that bring both joy & challenge. Special guests bring their stories of failures and successes on a variety of topics ranging from taking risks in your career to grief.
If you're here to learn to see your faults as beautiful rather than run away from them, this show is for you. 

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Beautiful Faults 

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As a mom of two, wife & multi-faceted business owner, I absolutely love to share products & tools that make life easier, and make the
world more sustainable for all to enjoy. 

I'm a firm believer that filling your mind, body & soul with good, wholesome nutrition & information is at the foundation of
 living in my best self. 

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In April of 2019, I launched my very first episode of #beautifulfaults podcast. I felt a calling to share my message of love, loss & hope with others. I also felt a strong pull towards continuing my mission of helping others live a full & healthy life both in life and in business. I am always looking for guest speakers who have a story, product or service that my listeners are looking for.  I feel they bring such value to a powerful platform like a podcast. 

The number of podcasts & listeners grew almost 64% in 2018, and almost 50% of homes are now listening to podcasts regularly. According to Nielsen Ratings Q1 2019, over 16 million people are "avid listeners".  Podcasts listeners are usually loyal, educated and affluent. 

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