March 16, 2020

No, today does not feel like my average Monday despite all my efforts.

I am still at my desk, responding to emails, editing weddings, and delivering happy mail to clients both near and far. That feels amazing. I am SO thankful that is a big part of what we do. I am still welcoming & booking new clients this week and these clients have given me so much hope that things will return to normal as I hear their visions of their wedding days later this year and into 2021 & 2022. I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome ..

Lauren & Phil
Angela & Scott
Erin & Jack

My kids are home from school, and will be for the foreseeable future. Which is a wild concept because it’s not summer break. I am being forced to strike a fine balance between reminding them that they are safe and loved and keeping my business humming along from my home office. Doing what I love most – making images – has been put on hold for the time being and I have to dig deep to continue to feel rooted in that purpose. Through this, my husband is doing an amazing job of managing keeping the house clean and keeping our bodies and minds active.

I have to force myself away from the news, social media and the constant soaking up of knowledge and info. I am a Type 3 on the Enneagram and my beliefs are most often based in science and facts. So that’s where I turn when I feel frustrated, fearful or uncertain. But I am quickly learning that it is easy to get overwhelmed these days.

“Though we are being forced into isolating our human bodies, we need not isolate the essence of our being.”

~ Penache Desai

To my amazing, amazing clients and fellow creatives. We are in this together. I know it’s overwhelming to think of the possibility of postponing or even canceling a day you have dreamed of for so long now. I have been dreaming along right with you! am here behind the scenes as I have one wedding after another postpone their date. I am feeling those feelings with you. I am here in my office today working on opening up more dates on my calendar for late 2020 & into 2021 that will be ready when you are. And we will continue to work together to secure a new date.


Our amazing friends over at Jen House Design are some of the best in the industry.  

Jen is not only one of my closest friends, but she was also my planner and florist when I was married in 2017.  She is a kind human and an incredible businesswoman .

They have been around a very long time as planners and now full time florists and are graciously offering to help any wedding client who is struggling to navigate their postponement or cancellation


If you would like me to put you in touch with her, I’d be happy to do so.

Or you can find her here:

Jen House Design


But I want to assure you that we, as a whole I feel we are doing the right thing in limiting contact with each other as hard as it may be. It’s important to protect our at risk friends & family members. As humans, by nature we crave connection and contact. This is not going to be easy for any of us. But we WILL see this though. We will continue to find reasons to celebrate moments big and small.

Much Love, Mishelle


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